every drive personal

Sound designed around you

We brought custom-engineered premium sound systems to automobiles and set a new standard. We’re continuing to expand what’s possible to address the needs of individual listeners. Making existing experiences better and creating new ones. We focus on personalizing the experience. Our comprehensive approach will shape every sound in the vehicle—music, phone calls, voice commands, vehicle safety warnings, navigation prompts, and even in-car communication between passengers.

How we do it

One way we achieve better sound is by putting speakers closer to your ears. Headrest speakers and advanced signal processing work together to create more individualized experiences. Bose UltraNearfield speakers are engineered specifically for use inside a headrest. When combined with powerful software, we can do more.

Endless possibilities

It’s more than a technology, it’s a philosophy. The idea that everyone in the car can listen to sound in a different way. As we continue to advance and combine signal processing with more personalized experiences for you. And we’ve already started.

It started with a headrest

We asked ourselves, how do we create even better surround sound? We put speakers inside a headrest. When paired with TrueSpace signal processing, they deliver a wide, spacious, surround sound experience like never before.

Next, we took on top-down driving

We put this great sound system into convertibles, and found a way to further enhance the tech. Now, drivers and passengers can hear the music over wind and road noise, keeping the exhilaration level at a high.

Presenting the Bose Personal system

Wide, spacious sound, that’s now more personal. This system delivers unexpectedly big sound in small cars. With the invention of PersonalSpace signal processing, drivers get an even greater sense of immersion and the power to control the sound field from narrow to wide.

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The future: individual sound for everyone

A distinct experience for every seat. As the future of mobility makes way for ride-sharing and self-driving cars, we envision SeatCentric experiences at the center of them all. We’re working toward a reality where every person in every seat can benefit from a unique sound experience.

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