Passionately advancing
the state of the art.

We draw from the innovation and technology we’ve developed across all of our product categories.

We can make your car truly move you.

We custom-engineer every sound system for each individual model. We obsess over every detail. From the acoustical analysis of the cabin to the component selection and placement, with careful integration into the vehicle structure. And finally a meticulous process of listening evaluations and custom tuning and equalization.

Beyond our range of premium sound systems

We offer three special series: for small cars, high-performance vehicles, and ultra-luxury automobiles.

Performance Series

Made to utterly astonish.

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Small Vehicle Series

Small vehicle. Big sound.

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Our technologies not only enhance music listening

They improve your total sound experience


There’s nothing quite like driving and listening to your favorite song.

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Active Sound Management

We work with carmakers to fine-tune engine sound for improved vehicle characteristics and a better driving experience.

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Seatcentric Experiences

We’re taking a new approach to sound in cars by creating a better sound experience in every seat.

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